KayakNav v2.5

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KayakNav 2.5 is an interim update for newer versions of iOS and to support the HTTPS connections mandated in iOS 9.0 and newer. It also includes some minor bug fixes.

For full details of KayakNav, please refer to the KayakNav Manual

New Features

  • All web accesss uses HTTPS.
  • Map Tile downloads are now faster and more reliable because this component has been rewritten.
  • The Map Tile Info Cell now includes on-line/off-line status, queued and downloaded tile counts.
  • Over 100,000 map tiles are pre-loaded to save on download times.
  • Internationalisation for English, Polish and Italian.
  • Imperial, Metric and Maritime units.

Bug Fixes

  • Touch blocking near start line in Simulator mode has been improved.