Morsenger Settings

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In-App Settings

Morsenger automatically adapts to the transmission speed when receiving Morse Code so there is no setting for this.

You can also hit the gear button to control the sending speed for sending optical and audio transmissions.

Settings popup.jpeg

Just drag the icon to the desired speed and it will be remembered until you change it. Drag it to the minimum setting to disable the selected audio or camera input AND output.

On this popup, you can also clear the saved messages. Tap anywhere outside of the popup to close it.

Settings App Settings

There are two additional Morsenger "system" settings that can be found in the Settings App on your device.

When Morsenger is first started, it will prompt you for permission to access your camera and your microphone. It needs permission to use these so that it can receive Morse Code.

If you answer NO to either of these prompts, Morsenger will be blocked by the operating system from using them to receive data. You can authorise Morsenger to use these devices at a later time by opening the Apple "Settings" App. Scroll way down until you find "Morsenger", then tap it. You can turn the "Microphone" and "Camera" settings on or off as required.