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StoreShotMaker is a new Developer Tool for XCode, Visual Studio and Xamarin.

Feature List

Auto Screen Shot and Icon Rescaling to App Store pixel sizes.

  • Simple Drag-n-Drop interface into StoreShotMaker and into XCode.
  • Automatic folder monitoring and image rescaling.
  • Extensible via a supplied XML configuration file.
  • Helps manage image assets for multiple projects.
  • Preview icons at multiple resolutions.
  • Pre-configured with all the Apple standard screen shot and icon sizes.

Simplify your app releases for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch to the App Store.

StoreShotMaker is designed to assist Apple and Android developers quickly generate all of the standard screen shot and icon sizes required for the App Store. StoreShotMaker will let you spend your time developing killer apps and take hours of drudgery out of the final deployment process.

It provides a simple and intuitive drag-n-drop interface, with image preview and automated processing.

Requires Mac OSX 10.10 or newer. See more details and screen shots on Facebook

Download Free Trial Here