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QuickServerCheck is a simple text file comparison tool for the Mac.


Monitor ping latency for multiple hosts spacially and graphically.

Download QuickServerCheck from the Apple App Store now (release date was 28 Sep 2021)

Dark Mode Screen Shot

Feature List

  • Monitored Hosts displayed on live maps.
    • Tappable pins show your monitored host locations.
    • Geodesic lines show active pings.
  • A graphs auto-scaling graphs show fluctuations in ping latency.
    • Current host name, ping time.
    • Detailed remote host information.
    • Ping controls allow control of individual host pings.
  • Host names, GPS coordinates and other data reported.
  • Enter host using web URL, IP4, IP6 or domain name.
    • Sample Regional Hosts are pre-installed.
    • Save and load your own host lists.
    • Help Menu (to this Wiki).

User Manual

QuickServerCheck On-Line Manual


Privacy Statement

QuickServerCheck Privacy


Report a Bug in QuickServerCheck