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QuickBallMaze is an exciting game where you find your way through a maze as quickly as possible whilst accumulating points. Just tilt your iPhone or iPad to control the ball.

Feature List

  • 3D like ball(s) using sprites that roll around a randomly generated maze.
  • Gobble up bubble and blue balls and smash through glass bricks to take shortcuts
  • Explosions when ball reaches the gem at the end of the maze which allows you to progress to the next level.
  • You must work against a timer but you get to keep the remaining time as extra points
  • Control game play by tilting or steering with the on-screen joystick.
  • Pinch to zoom in or out for a better view of the maze which gets bigger on each level completed.
  • Blue obstacle balls roll around and provide extra game play trying to roll them into the blue grotto hole for extra points.
  • Long press on the score to reset the game.
  • Score and game level are kept through restarts of the app.
  • Utilises the physics engine for realistic collisions, bouncing and visual effects.

Requires iOS 15 or newer iPad or iPhone.

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