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QuickFileCompare is a simple text file comparison tool for the Mac.


Just drag files onto the left or right panels and see an instant side-by-side comparison.

Download QuickFileCompare from the Apple App Store now

Dark Mode Screen Shot
Dark Mode Screen Shot

Light Mode Screen Shot
Light Mode Screen Shot

Feature List

  • Drag and drop interface.
  • Options to compare files ignoring case, white-space, blank lines and with tab expansion.
  • Options are remembered for next time.
  • Line numbers.
  • Handles text and binary file comparisons.
  • Comparisons down to individual words.
  • Resizable with draggable splitter.
  • Compare Menu
    • Clear compared files.
    • Swap left and right to change the comparison.
    • Load test text.
    • Help Menu
  • On-Line help via this Wiki.

User Manual

QuickFileCompare On-Line Manual


Privacy Statement

QuickFileCompare Privacy


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