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BarcodeSleuth is an iOS App written for the iPhone that allows you to scan and create multiple barcodes and share them.

Camera Preview Whilst Scanning
Camera Preview Whilst Scanning


BarcodeSleuth provides a familiar messenger style interface.

Scan barcodes and see the hidden text along with multiple barcode formats of this same information.

Start typing to generate your own custom barcodes and modify existing barcodes.

Use it to bulk generate your own barcoded stock labels and to perform stock checking into your favourite stock management system via CSV files.

Quickly check the hidden text behind all those barcodes and even generate your own QRCode signature block as an image for inclusion on emails.

Restaurants and Contractors can use it to create QRCodes to easily direct customers to on-line menus, web sites, emails or mobile phone numbers.

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User Manual

BarcodeSleuth Manual.


Changes in each release are noted below:

Download BarcodeSleuth from the Apple App Store