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For specific enquiries regarding Acacia products, please email Acacia Support via email using the following link:

Acacia Support Email Form

Note that this link takes you to a Contact Form on our Joomla web site which allows you to send emails to Acacia Support. We apologise for the complexity of this, but it has become necessary due to the amount of spam sent by robots to this address.

We are happy to receive:

  • Requests for new features.
  • Bug reports.
  • General product enquiries.
  • Suggestions for improving this web site.

In particular for bug reports, you should first check out the KayakNav FAQs to see if the problem is already addressed. If you do decide to send a bug report, we request that you be very specific about the issue and include at least the following information. This will help with reproducing the problem and providing a fix.

  • Your real name.
  • Your email address so that we can reply to you. This will never be disclosed to others (see our KayakNav Privacy page).
  • The name and version number of the product you are having problems with.
  • The particular problem.
  • The steps to reproduce the problem and relevant settings such as off-line, connected to Wifi.

When we reply, this will be via normal email and we may request that you supply screen shots or email your route file.

We apologise for any problems that you may have encountered emailing us in the past. The email server issues are now resolved.